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Hair Cut and Style—–——–————————-—$35.00 and up

Style Only————–————–————————-——-—$20.00 and up

Children 12 and under—–————————-–$18.00 and up

Mens Cut and Style—–——–————————--$20.00 and up

Design Wave/Perm—–—–————————-———-$75.00 and up

Specialty Perms—–——–————————-———-$ Ask Stylist

Permanent Color—–———–————————-——-$75.00 and up

Foiling or Weaving—–—–————————-—-$90.00 and up

Color Correction—–—–————————-———-$ By Quote

Special Occasion Style——————————-$45.00 and up

Hair Straightening———————————-——-$80.00 and up

(We have a large selection of Hair-care products